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In 1987, almost thirty years ago, I made a decision in that would change the course of my life. I had already made a decision the year before that had changed my life. So I was on a roll. Prior to making that decision I was on a course that had been plotted out for guys like me for centuries, as simply put as possible … grow up, learn a craft, go to work, get married, have children, retire and wait to die. The only difference in my  case was that the idea of learning a craft had morphed into “get a good education” but the rest remained the same nonetheless. However, that path was never going to suit me, I just didn’t fit in. In a way I was lucky … I started to experience existential angst when I was only about 17, and over the next ten years, by the time I was just 27, it blossomed into full blown existential and ontological crisis. Almost by coincidence I attended an evening presentation with Richard Bandler, one of the co-developers of NLP.  He did something I now know was conversational hypnosis, but at the time I thought it was pure magic. When I saw the effect he had on the group that night, “just talking” and seeming to do nothing special other than that, I decided then and there that I would learn how to do what he had done. That decision ended my existential and ontological crisis, and as they say the rest is history. (You can read all about it here if you like: To Sicily And Back … A Love Story).

Nowadays I work with people who are somewhere between existential angst and full blown ontological crisis come to terms with where they are, begin making good decisions about what to do about it, and help them move on from there.

What I do is a bit unusual. My clients aren’t mentally ill or disturbed really, but they are typically uncomfortable in their own skin to some extent or another. But what I think makes my work somewhat unique is that my focus isn’t on getting them past their discomfort, instead we work together to use what irritates them as a lens to get to what’s most magnificent about them that they haven’t given expression to yet.

In simple terms we can say it like this …

“I can help you get unstuck.”

Once you’re unstuck you’re free to begin taking action to bring your dreams about who you are and what you most want to be doing to life. But this isn’t New Age, meta-magical thinking I’m talking about, because I’m still fundamentally a pragmatist and I believe that the proof is in the pudding as they say.

My work isn’t about “fixing problems” … it’s about helping you attain personal mastery. 

I worked long and hard to develop the skills to help my clients become profoundly clear about what’s most important to them, give them tools to identify the path that will yield the most return for them in their lives, create extraordinary relationships, raise remarkable children, build hugely successful businesses and do great work in the world … but it’s all based in practical, down to earth ways of doing things that just make sense. There truly is a method to my madness … and I’ve devoted more than two decades of my life to refining the method and honing the skills to deliver on the promise of it.

Want to read a bit more about my story?

To Sicily And Back … A Love Story


All of Dr. Riggio’s work is designed to be purely and only informative, educational and  entertaining, based solely on his own learning, observations and opinions – it is not intended to represent or give health, medical, psychological, legal, financial or professional advice of any kind. There are no  claims, promises, warranties or guarantees made regarding specific results or outcomes via the purchase and use of any product or participation in any program with Joseph.*

*The Fine Print    Although he claims no specific religious or spiritual education or bias, all of Dr. Riggio’s work is performed as a practicing ordained Dudeist Priest in good standing of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, as such he works with the full authority and freedom from religion and the separation of state – should you require it, upon request, Joseph  may be available to preside over religious ceremonies in most U.S. States such as funerals, weddings or other celebrations. All products and programs designed, developed and/or delivered are done so in accordance with the tenants of Dudeism as Dr. Riggio understands and practices it, i.e.:  a Western form of “Shibumi” – primarily meaning, to abide.

[NOTE: There is no intention nor implication of gender, race, creed, color or species bias in Dudeism or Joseph’s peculiar expression of it.] The Dudeist Holy Books, The Dude De Ching and “The Tao of the Dude” are now available in an on-line version.

For more information about Dudeism please go to: What Is Dudeism.