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Hey ... I've been there too!

I've been there, really wanting to make something happen, to get some outcome, something that felt really important to me ... and feeling frozen ... completely stuck. I was visiting a colleague and friend I was doing some coaching work in Florida and facing an implacable situation of my own in my personal life. I literally remember the sensation of frustration and desperation sitting on a bench just outside of an oceanfront motel I was staying in at the time. There I was sitting and looking across a beach of pristine white sand out at the ocean, listening to the waves rolling in, and soaking up the warm sun and breeze ... after years of struggling I was at the top of my game doing great work with clients. I felt like I should have been on top of the world ... but, instead I was miserable and in despair, just feeling an overwhelming sense of dread thinking nothing was ever going to change for me. You see something I desperately wanted to make happen was missing in my life, and I had no idea why. I had done everything I could think of to make it happen, and no matter what I did I came up empty handed. I was lost ... Then it hit me, I had to stop what I was doing the way I was trying to do it! I had to do something differently if I wanted a different outcome, not more of the same ... just harder and faster ... and, well ... MORE! How simple is that, huh? But, there was something else that made all the difference too ... I realized I didn't know what else to do and I needed some help in figuring that out first. I reached out to someone I trusted implicitly that I knew could help me figure things out. He agreed and we got to work. The first thing he got me to do was reconsider my perspective on things, and then he walked me through a precise process that helped me get the step-by-step plan in place to get my outcome. After that it was literally so simple I almost couldn't remember why I'd asked him to help me in the first place ... but, at that time I was keeping a journal and I recorded everything, including the process he walked me thought that broke the spell of being stuck and failing. Now ... many, many years later ... after countless hours of study, training and working with clients around the world, I help people to move beyond being stuck. I have worked with thousands of clients in more than 30 countries helping them move to and attain personal and professional mastery in their lives. Today I live a magical life ... doing what I want, working with incredible clients, traveling around the world ... and enjoying life from the moment I wake up until I lay me back down to sleep each night (even on those days when I'm doing the routine stuff, or the stuff I do just 'cause I gotta get it done)!"    

: Where We Keep Our Focus :

For the past twenty five years I have put virtually all of my attention on how elite performers excel at what they do to extract the source code they live by that allows them to create the enormous successes they do, both on their own and with others. What I found in my years of studying, working with and alongside professional elite performers in business, sports, entertainment, the arts as well as super-elite military and law enforcement special operatives is that they all share a couple of very specific common traits. The first trait elite performers share is the ability to set their internal state experience and to reset it at will. The next trait they all share is the ability to come back very, very quickly when something has gone wrong and they need to continue despite the set-back they experienced ... one word for this is resilience, some folks refer to it as mental toughness, we call it simply GETTING UNSTUCK. Regardless of what you call it, in every arena of success we studied, GETTING UNSTUCK, is the key to mastering elite performance ... it is the source code that we have uncovered and codified in our work with clients worldwide. We built the source code of elite performance and success, GETTING UNSTUCK, into the heart of everything we do with clients in our live and virtual training programs and workshops through to our personal, one-to-one Private Access℠ coaching. We have developed ways to help our international organizational and individual clients get past what limits them in their businesses and personal lives so they can be free to create the kind of experiences and outcomes they most desire. Here are some of the impact of the work we've done with clients:

  • achieve sales results and negotiate outcomes that they had thought to be impossible
  • create extraordinary performance breakthroughs that have helped them restart their careers
  • transition from forced retirement to a new level of success
  • turn around and double and triple their business using simple strategies that had eluded them
  • quickly and ethically grow their personal income, often by ten times or more
  • create the kind of relationship that would make Romeo and Juliet envious
  • find their passion ... and build a life around it that allowed them to live their dream
  • learn to listen to the small, still voice inside and identify the one thing that made all the difference in everything else
  • release their full, magnificent potential in ways they hadn't even thought to consider before!



I Understand That You May Have Heard Similar Promises Before ... So Why Should You Believe Me?

That's a good question and since we don't know one another so well yet let me share with you something one of my clients said ... (NOTE: When Hilary and I first began working together she was a UK Department of Health Senior Civil Servant )

"I have known of Joseph for more than 13 years. However, it took about 10 years before I let him into my life at all. Over all that time he never pressured me to engage with what he has to offer. I flirted with the idea of working with him on a number of occasions … and then retreated again! This is a reflection of where I was in my life and his great acuity to see that it was for me to be ready for a meaningful engagement.

I have worked with a number of executive coaches over the years and have had mixed experiences. A common outcome was that I ended up feeling that the coach that I was working with was colluding with me and hence not supporting / pushing or enabling me to make the break throughs that I was seeking in my professional (and personal) life and self.

After a stand off of nearly 10 years I let down my guard … a little. Well, approaching 50 seemed like a good time to grow up and start enjoying all the blessings in my life. As I have got over my lack of “trust” for coaches / advisors / mentors based on self fulfilling prophecies that had repeated in my life, I let Joseph in. As I started to trust him I have found that I have had life changing experiences – in my professional, family and personal fulfilment. That does not mean that it has always been easy – and indeed I believe that is part of why I have been able to make fundamental shifts in how I am experiencing my life. In my interactions with Joseph he is relentless in his pursuit of the outcomes that I am seeking in my life – many times this is frustrating for me; at other times it is non-sensical. However, the more I trust him and the ways he works with me the more profound and transformational the changes that I am experiencing.

From trying to control everything in my life and taking things way too seriously – I am now more able to see things more for what they are – to others as well as myself – to laugh at myself and with others more, and to meet life as it unfolds.

So thank you Joseph for the ongoing gifts that you share with me and for the journey that we share." 

Hilary Samson-Barry


– Hilary Samson-Barry Director of Partnerships for Children, Families & Maternity - UK Department of Health

  Hilary and I worked closely together as she was making the transition from her high profile public career to her new private practice  as a successful organizational consultant and executive coach, as well as serving as a trustee/advisor for a number of high profile non-profit organizations ... 





Allow Me To Give You A Powerful Infographic

One That Will Show You The Exact Four Ways That People Get STUCK

And The Steps You Need To Take To Get UNSTUCK

(No Matter How Challenging The Situation You Are In Today Might Be) 

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Download My Free Infographic:

"How People Get Stuck ... And Getting Unstuck"


  1. The One Thing You Must Do First ... or you'll be stuck right out of the gate!
  2. What To Do Before You Begin, to gain the confidence you need that you're on the right path before taking the first step.
  3. How Most People Plan To Fail ... And What To Do About It, how to design a strategy and steps to take from start to finish, with the metrics you need to succeed.
  4. The Hidden Trap That Stops Most People Dead In Their Tracks, discover your core strengths and align them with your actions to get the results and outcomes you want.

  Remember ... you’re not alone! I’ve helped 100s of folks just like you to identify what's been holding them back and what to do to get beyond it ... believe me, there really are only four things that can stop you from getting your outcome ... Download My Free Infographic And Find Out What You Need To Do To GET UNSTUCK TODAY!