HACKING PERCEPTION - Part 1: Constructing Your Worldview


Discover how the way you perceive the world around you determines the life you are living and what you can do about it...

Here's the low down ...

You get what you take action on based on the quality of the action you take.

In this webcast I'll be presenting some of the latest findings from neurocognitive science about how we perceive and make sense of the world, as well as how we create memories and what that means in relation to the action we take and the results we get.

We'll be making this real of course, as I do in all of my webcasts ... not some dry scientific theories about perception, but real information you can use and apply to get more of what you want and deserve in your life, almost from the first moment you hear it.

You leave the two hours with me understanding how and why people choose to limit the information they are sensitive to receiving and how you can open up your perceptual filters to get more of the information that's there. This is critical if you want to begin making better decisions and taking more effective action.

This is the same kind of training that military, law enforcement and intelligence elite special operatives receive ... THINK: Jason Bourne

Why is this important to you???

Simple ... because you want to be able to be more effective at taking control of the situations you find yourself in and create more of the kinds of outcomes you desire.

We'll go through how you were initially imprinted to perceive the world the way you do ... the early structure of perceptual conditioning, perceptual plasticity and advanced perceptual development.

Then we'll cover how you can notice for the limits of your current perceptual paradigm, and how that influences what you perceive and believe (yes, they go together like a hand in glove).

Finally we'll spend the remaining time on the webcast unpacking what you can do about how you limit your perception today, how to expand what you notice for, how to improve your memory for what you perceive instantly, and how to use your new powers of perception to improve the quality of your life and get more of what you want and deserve ... starting now.

Once you have this new information about perception you'll never notice the world in the same way ... or find yourself missing out from what is rightfully yours to experience ever again!

I know it's going to sound like hyperbole ... but with your new powers of perception you'll open up the gates of performance at a level that you've maybe only dreamed about accessing ... and instead of dreaming you'll be delivering on the promise of your full potential, maybe for the first time ever.

(P.S.: If you've ever found yourself wondering if you are living the life you are capable of having, feeling like you've somehow been stifled and limited in expressing yourself and your full potential, it's very possible the reason is that your perceptual filters are distorted and stopping you from being at your best. This may be the remedy you've been searching and hoping for your entire life.)

NOTE: If you have questions you'd like Joseph to answer on the webinar you can submit them ahead of time to [email protected], or ask them on the Q. & A. portion of the webinar as well.


TUESDAY - 25 OCTOBER 2016 :: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
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