Writing Your Life - The Penultimate Truth

Writing Your Life … The Weekend Event …

is specificially designed by me to provoke a profound transformation in you!

Imagine that’s there’s only one thing you need to know to make every year the best year of your life …

Now imagine that everything you do is wrapped up in this one thing … ALL YOUR SUCCESSES AND FAILURES … everything you’ve ever wanted … but that you have to figure out this one thing before you can begin living the life you’re destined to be having.

Well I’ve figured out that one thing and I want to share it with you …


Give me about four minutes of your time to read what I’ve written below and I’ll explain everything … I promise.

In his late 50s the great Swiss psychotherapist, Dr. Carl Jung, realized that the most important thing he could put his attention on and dedicate himself to was to uncover his personal myth ... and, he spent the following thirty years or so pursuing that task.

Thus it is that I have now undertaken, in my eighty-third year, to tell my personal myth.”
- Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, 1963

BUT … it doesn’t have to take thirty years for you to get there …

For the FIRST TIME EVER I’m delivering a new training program designed to BLOW YOU AWAY with the TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE YOU’LL EXPERIENCE!!!

I have said for a long time that I’m a “One Trick Pony” …

It’s a moniker that my own mentor used with me many, many years ago when we were watching a fabulous aerial acrobat perform his routine high above us … that ended in a literally death defying trick that he was probably one of the only folks alive capable of pulling off (or maybe the only one who could do it).

Today I am one of the few folks who can pull off what I did with a very small group of about a half dozen folks in England.

I’ve spent almost thirty years perfecting my MythoSelf Process model that renowned worldwide for the kind of transformational power it presents for anyone who wants or needs to make a change in their life.

I’ve worked with and trained thousands of people in that time who have -

… seen personal fortunes dramatically changed for the better
(often after struggling to simply make ends meet)

… met and married the person of their dreams
(after years of searching and not finding that person)

… built multi-million dollar businesses in record time
(sometimes that was even the first business they started and ran themselves)

… increased their performance to elite, world-class levels in the areas of interest most important to them (reaching professional levels that allowed time to realize a lifelong dream

… and more

MEA CULPA … I literally just realized that I left out a major component of how I work with my private clients in my training programs … but, I INTEND TO CORRECT THAT THIS YEAR!

The challenge was that I didn’t know how to include what are some of the powerful techniques I’ve used with my private clients for more than two decades to promote radical, powerful, transformational change … in my group programs.

The key is in revealing your Personal Mythology to you … and that’s always been a critical component of how I’ve worked with private clients, doing what I called “Private Work” …

The deep problem my clients faced was always that the real form of Personal Mythology cannot be contained in language … but in finding their life story, their deep personal myth becomes available to them.

Joseph Campbell - the beloved and reknowned mythologist who wrote ”The Hero With A Thousand Faces” - said that “mythology is the penultimate truth ... penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words.” 

For almost 30 years I have been exploring the role of personal mythology in the experience people have of their lives ...

- How you experience events on their your and with others

- Who you make connections and have relationships with (and who you don't)

- What and how you accomplish what you do ...

- And, how and why you fail when you do

It's critical if you intend to have the experience of your life that you uncover your own personal myth ... the life story that informs everything you think about and do ...

- what you put your attention on, how you perceive information

- the way you experience other people and your interactions with them, how you come across to others and the impression you make

- what you will and won't do to get the results you intend ...

- all of this and more happens as a result of the story you are living from

In this intensive program we will explore the nature and role of myth in your life …

You will pinpoint the predominant myth you are living by, and through a series of carefully choreographed exercises document your life's story.

We will discuss the myths that have deeply influenced you from:

- folklore and folktale

- literature

- film and theater ...

as well as the cultural myths that we are all steeped in from birth that influence us every day of our lives.

Once again, these are all things I have done with private clients in the Private Work in 1-to-1 settings … but, I’ve never really done this with groups … except this time it will be different. 

This program was intentionally very limited in size so that I could work with each person who attended individually and personally. Now you too will have the opportunity to experience your own unique style of processing soma-sensory and soma-semantic information directly with my direction and input. Then you'll have the chance to capture and refine what you learn about yourself so that it will be yours to keep … permanently. 

Another benefit to this program is you will gain tremendous insight into how you embody your personal mythology. Once you have modeled your unique personal process it will become immediately obvious to you how powerful it is and how you can use it in your life.

Most importantly we will translate your personal myth into a practical form you can use …

Here’s my primary promise to you …

You will leave these two days with a roadmap for the year ... maybe your whole life.