Using Somatic Metaphors

Take Control Of Your Experience And Learn How To Communicate Effectively And Influence Others Using Somatic Metaphors:  

Somatic Metaphors are based on the way people express how they experience themselves in space & time physically. Sometimes this will be how they experience their body in space and time, literally or in imaginary ways, sometimes it may be a 'felt sense' of their personal experience, and it could be both how they experience themselves using their body and their 'felt sense' of their personal experience occurring together. 

Knowing how to elicit, calibrate and use somatic metaphors allows you to very quickly change the way you or others sense possibility or limitation about existing or future circumstances, situations or expectations. By shifting your physical and/or felt sense of things you can rapidly change the way you perceive things and your response to them. 

In this webinar Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., the creator of the MythoSelf Process and a master of somatic coaching and facilitation, will guide you through the process of how to recognize the physical and felt sense of body-based experience and how that influences and creates the experience you are having. He will lead you through the exact steps you need to know to elicit, calibrate and utilize somatic metaphors, with examples and specific instruction. 

You will leave this two-hour program understanding what somatic metaphors are in depth, with a personal ability to use them to shift your own experience, and that of others at will. 

You will be amazed at the depth of both understanding and ability you will gain in such a short time with Joseph at the helm steering you through the sometimes choppy and turbulent process of getting past your thoughts to the deeper and more settled body-based sensations of direct experience.