The Art of Story

Story is the essence of how we know ourselves and the world about us to be ... when we understand our story, we understand who we are and how to act in, and upon, the world-at-large.

- Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.

The Art of Story is about what stories are, how they are formed, how we encode and incorporate them into ourselves, how our stories shape our sense of reality and how to use stories to reshape reality for ourselves and others.

Joseph is a master storyteller and designer of stories. In this two-hour webcast he will share the secret of "storying about" his term for creating and inhabiting stories, and the use of stories to co-create realities with others. As a long-term student of story, and the great storytellers and scholars like Joseph Campbell, Joseph will reveal the magnificence of the spoken word in the form of stories told, and the impact of stories heard.

Stories are as old as humankind. The ancients revered the art of story and the telling of stories. We share memories encoded in our DNA of sitting around the fire while the elders, shamans and traders told stories that were the source of creation itself. Yet for the most part the art that is storying has been lost to all but a few. In this webcast Joseph will revive that art and share it with you, rekindling your ancestral memories, and bringing the storyteller within you alive as well. 

If you are interested in stories, their telling and their use then this webcast will bring them alive for you. You will leave by the end of this time with Joseph rewarded by the telling of the stories he shares, and you will have developed a new appreciation for the telling of stories yourself.  

 With what Joseph will reveal to you about story, you will become a far better creator, interpreter and teller of stories yourself. You will learn to listen for the untold stories of others and how to breathe life into them. With this knowledge and skill you will be able to access and use stories to transform your life and the lives of those around you. 

This is sure to be a special event because there truly are few individuals you are likely to encounter who have the gift of the storyteller at the level of Joseph's mastery. Beyond being entertained and informed you will be transformed ... join him. 

NOTE: If you have questions you'd like Joseph to answer on the webinar you can submit them ahead of time to [email protected], or ask them on the Q. & A. portion of the webinar as well.