MSE | Experience ... RE-IMAGINED! 30/31 May 2020

Join Joseph for a LIVE Two-Day Online Event ... 30/31 May 2020

This is an amazing VIP Insider's Only opportunity to be one of the first 20 people to sign-up for this inaugural pilot program presentation of the MSE | MythoSelf Experience RE-IMAGINED program. 

This is the exact program Joseph has been delivering live since 1995, with continual refinements to make the program more effective and elegant for the last 25 years. 

In the two-days of the online masterclass event with Joseph you'll experience yourself at your best, and get the precise steps you need to take to access this state at will anytime you need or want it. 

And, that's just the beginning of what you'll get!

The MythoSelf Process is a powerful transformational change technology developed by Joseph in 1990 to work with clients to "go to where the problem is not based on the Generative Imprint Model of Roye Fraser, with many refinements layered in by Joseph since then beginning with the integration of the Hero's Journey model by Joseph Campbell, plus many others pioneered by Joseph.

  • You'll get how to set and attain powerful outcomes on your own and with others
  • You'll discover the essential story you've been living from, and walk away with tools you need to change it 
  • You'll gain insight into your fundamental patterns of communication, and how to use them more effectively
  • You'll build a deep understanding and appreciation for your patterns in relationships, and how you can improve them

While you get all this and more, this is really the tip of the iceberg, because what's underneath it all will be a profound sense of coming to know yourself with an authenticity very few ever approach ... you without any masking or pretense, naked and powerful. 

Then you'll spend the rest of the time in this event being guided, coached and mentored to explore how you can show up in your life like this in an ongoing and unstoppable way. 

While many people claim to open this kind of pathway to knowing yourself, almost all of them are based in leveraging what isn't working in your life, and resolving problems. Yet, beginning from this position your focus can't help but be on what you don't want. Instead Joseph will begin from asking you this simple question ...

"What do you want?"

And, from the moment you answer this question something truly magical will begin to happen and unfold for you. 

Joseph will help you realize what you're like when you have it all already, when you're standing in the space of begin complete and whole, where anything you are capable of is possible and present ... not in twenty years, or a even twenty months, it won't even take the two days you'll spend with him and the group in this program ... you'll get it in the blink of an eye.

Until you experience this for yourself it remains indescribable, but afterwards it will seem incredibly obvious to you ... so obvious that you're likely to ask yourself how you didn't realize this yourself long before. More importantly though you'll know it's yours to keep, and believe it this is something you want!

MythoSelf Experience ... RE-IMAGINED: Experiencing The Two-Day Live Online Event

The program will begin on the morning of Saturday, 30 May 2020 at 10:00 AM EDT and will end at 6:00 PM. 

Then we'll pick it up again at 10:00 AM again on Sunday, 31 May 2020 and end at 4:00 PM. 

We leave these two days wishing one another well, knowing that the folks we're parting with are more themselves then as they showed up the morning before, when we first came together.

The basic format will be a 1-hour presentation and demonstration, followed by a 45-minute small group exercise in assigned breakout rooms with a facilitator (and Joseph will migrate from room to room to be helping out as well). 

Then Joseph will take about fifteen minutes to unpack the exercise in the large group together, and we'll move to the next session that will follow the same pattern. 

We'll take breaks between sessions to allow everyone to regroup, and a lunch break on both days too. So the total program will run about seven hours on Day One and a five hours on Day Two that we'll be together, for a total of about twelve hours for the entire program over the two days.


All the large group forum sessions that Joseph leads will be recorded and you will get access to these recordings in both video and audio formats after the program is complete as part of your participation. 

[NOTE: A requirement for attending the program is your consent to allow your image and voice to be part of the recordings made if you choose to participate in the large group forum sessions on camera or in the verbal discussions. All material will be retained by ABTI | Joseph Riggio International, and used at their sole discretion in any way they choose, with not compensation offered or rights retained by any participant in the program.]


Taipei MythoSelf Experience Recordings:

As soon as you register you'll get the entire Taipei MythoSelf Experience recordings available to you as MP3 Audio downloads in the ABTI | Joseph Riggio International Member's Only Platform ... they're waiting for you to start listening right now!

VALUE: $497
Advanced MythoSelf Presentation:

These are the audio recordings of the pre-program session that Joseph ran with his program trainers and assistance prior to the Taipei MythoSelf Experience program ... a real "Behind the Scenes" look at how Joseph thinks about the model and process. These recordings will set you up to get the most that's possible from both the Taipei MythoSelf Experience Program Recordings and the Live Online MSE | MythoSelf Experience ... RE-IMAGINED program you'll be participating in as well!

VALUE: $297 

Plus you'll also get a set of new recordings too ...

MythoSelf Talks ... 

These are audio recordings with Joseph and a couple of his top MythoSelf Trainers and Master Trainers from around the world where he discusses the latest updates to his thinking about the model ... and, now you'll be inside this discussion too!

VALUE: $297


That's right ... you can attend the next live, online MSE | MythoSelf Experience ... RE-IMAGINED program that Joseph will run in the summer of 2020 for FREE!

But, there is a small catch ...

To be eligible to join the next live online MSE | MythoSelf Experience ... RE-IMAGINED program with Joseph this summer you'll need to summit a short review of the program you're about to attend by 1 July 2020. Of course you can write anything you want ... good, bad or both!

And, you'll agree to allow us to use what you write to help us when we market the next MSE | MythoSelf Experience ... RE-IMAGINED! programs in any way we see fit. Let's call it an ethical bribe to get you to help us out to make this program the best of it's kind ever seen ... and to invite you to become a part of the legacy we're building together!

VALUE: at least $997

That's a total value for just the bonuses you'll be getting of more that $2000! 


The Fine Print: 

Okay there's really no fine print just these disclaimers:

Our No Refund Policy:

There are no refunds for this program once you register for any reason whatsoever, in part because you'll get immediate access to the the complete download files for the entire Taipei MythoSelf Experience, and Advanced MythoSelf Program recordings, so please don't even ask.

Read The Video and Audio Release Conditions Above Again:

Yep, we'll be recording this program, and you'll get access to the recordings too ... but if you appear on them, or we record your voice on them ... you agree to a full unconditional release of all rights including the right to compensation, use or limitations to our use without exception.

This is a non-negotiable condition of joining the program, but you can choose to participate and not join on camera or in the discussion in the large group forum with Joseph that we'll be recording.

You Accept Full Responsibility For Your Participation:

There are no real reasons to be concerned about participating that we know of, but if you are limited in any way ... physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise from participating in the program then we advise you to reconsider whether it's a good idea for you to join us, 

There are literally no promises made for the program with regard to professional advise of any kind, including but not limited to: legal, financial, medical, psychological or otherwise, and should you have any questions about implementing anything you experience as a result of your participation in the program you should first check with a professional before taking any action you have questions about. 

The material in this program is purely the creation of Joseph Riggio, and there are no other claims made for or about it, beyond it being a presentation for educational and entertainment purposes. Joining the program is an act of your own decision making, and desire to participate, with all of the obligations and responsibilities that come as a result of making that decision. 

For what it's worth ... we applaud you for stepping up and stepping forward to join us and be a part of the MSE | MythoSelf Experience ... RE-IMAGINED online program with Joseph.

See ya'all soon ... ya' hear now!