Thursday Mytho Nights

When I woke up this morning I had no plans to offer what I am about to offer you. By the time you are done reading this, it may change the next 10 Thursday nights for you too:

I just got off a call with a former client of mine who said two things that are inspiring this email and this offer… 

He said:

“1: Joseph there are a million and one people out there in the self-help space making all sorts of claims and creating all sorts of cathartic and/or peak experiences that do not change anyone’s life in the long run. It leaves most people just warped and cynical about the whole industry. 

2: The work you do with the MythoSelf Process is the rare exception because it does work, it does change people’s lives and it does this in a lasting way… BUT BECAUSE IT IS A “RETRAINING PROCESS” IT ONLY WORKS IF PEOPLE SHOW UP CONSISTENTLY AND HAVE ENOUGH EXPOSURE TO IT THROUGH REPETITION”

In our call he really laid into me on how hard I am to access and how rare I make myself available to do the straight up MythoSelf Process directly with people. “ You do all these other programs that stem from the same source, but you rarely only offer to just do what’s the very heart of it and when you do, it’s done as an intensive”

And as he grilled me on it, I couldn't disagree with him (and believe me I wanted to!).

 For years now I have not made direct access to working with me doing the MythoSelf Process directly with people, available in any easy way.

I’ve done 10 day programs in France… 4 part  4 day programs in the US that people had to travel to and spend thousands of dollars just to attend… I train others in it...

But I have not done what I am going to do now:

For the next 10 Thursday nights (beginning next Thursday February 18th 7:00P EST), I will do the straight forward MythoSelf Process live with however many of you on my list want to experience this work and get the results that come from it. 

Each session will be 90 minutes.

You need to do three things to prepare for it:

1: Block out the time and space to just be here (we will do this on line) with no distractions around you. 

2: Come prepared with some obstacle or challenge in your life where you feel stuck that, if you resolve it, will vastly improve the quality of your life and empower you to be who you really want to be…  NOTE: Keep it simple, because as you will learn, a simple shift in the right place makes the difference (which is one of the things most self-help gurus get totally wrong). So it can be “I want to be more patient and less reactive with my kids” or “I want to have better boundaries with my coworker” or “There is a conversation I need to have that I keep avoiding”

3: Show up, week after week to AT LEAST 8 of the 10 sessions… 

The investment will be only $800… That’s $80 per session. And to make it insanely easy for you, I will discount that to just $500 to anyone who signs up for this by the end of the day tomorrow.  

If you read my material for years… if you have been curious but skeptical… if you just know that the time is right to finally do the work… register and join us. 

I will guarantee you that I will work in a way that individually addresses everyone’s needs over the course of 15 hours together. 

I will also guarantee you that I will not make this kind of program and access to me in this way so inexpensive ever again. 

I am literally sending this to you an hour after getting off this phone call with a former client who is urging me to make myself available because the world needs MythoSelf right now and people just don’t know it’s what they are looking for.

Here is your chance to experience work that my private clients pay me upwards of $25,000 to have me do with them (they get one full in-person day with me and 5 months of weekly follow-up calls which equates to $800/hour if you calculate things that way)... the reason people do this with me though is because they get results… and so will you. 


A bunch of folks have reached out about what going on with the Mytho Night’s offer, with some of the same questions, so I guess I need to answer them ... AND I’ve added a NEW surprise too!

  1. The first question was, “Will it be recorded?” YES, the sessions will be recorded, and you will have access ... but only for participants, so we will NOT be selling the recordings after the program to anyone who’s not registered for the program.

  2. “Will I be doing one-to-one work with people in the group?” YES again, I will doing one-to-one work with people in the group, and I’ll be demonstrating everything we do over the ten weeks and working with people in the group.

  3. “Will you be able to ask specific questions, is the program interactive?” YES, the program will be highly interactive, probably as interactive as program can be without being live, in-person, in the room together. 

  4. “Will you have a chance to do of what you’ll be learning during the program with the group?” YES, you will have a chance to be guided directly by me doing the work in the group, as well as an opportunity to work in smaller breakout rooms if I think it would be useful to do that too.

This is the straight forward way to access what I’ve been doing when I work with MythoSelf Process groups worldwide for the last twenty years in a new tried and tested format (YES, we’ve done this before online, and we know it delivers) ...

Participating in MythoSelf Training has never been more convenient or inexpensive, and it will never be accessible for this level of investment again.

SURPRISE BENEFIT!!! ... it looks like there’s a lot of interest from the UK and Europe ... so I’m going to hold a second series of sessions also on Thursdays, at 11:30 AM, beginning 25 Feb 2021. 

You’ll have access to both Thursday evenings and Thursday during the day as well, so if you miss a Thursday night at 7:30 PM ET, you can catch that week’s session again the following Thursday during the day at 11:30 AM ET! 

You can even “DOUBLE UP” if you like and attend both the afternoons and the evenings, so every week from 25 Feb, you’ll be able to catch the previous session and the new session in the same day! 

How’s that for a super special surprise benefit??!!!???!