EPC2 | Coaching & Consulting Certification Training Program Highlights



EPC2 | Coaching & Consulting
Certification Highlights


EPC2 Certification Training : 

The EPC2 model of working with clients focuses on moving them to take action to create the results and outcomes they desire. Rather than dealing with what stops them, or all the precursors and antecedents of what limits them, the EPC2 model goes right to the heart of uncovering how to move from being stuck to creating momentum and getting things done.

EPC2 | Coaching:

  • Creating The Maximum Movement In Minimum Time
    • Basic Design And Psychology Behind EPC2 | Coaching

  • Sequencing The Movement From Limitation To Outcome 
    • How To Successfully Work With Clients Every Time

  • Using The EPC2 | Coaching Model To Leverage Results
    • Building The EPC2 Model Into Your Own Client Work

EPC2 | Consulting:

  • Bringing The System Together Using Shared Values & Goals
    • Understanding Groups And Group Dynamics

  • Unraveling The Source Of Conflict & Building Connection
    • An Analysis Of Connection And Conflict In Groups

  • Releasing The Energy & Shared Vision Of The Team 
    • Beyond Conflict and Connection to Creativity

The model works because it uses the innate, natural structure of human social evolutionary psychology to reset the process the individual, group or team you are working with regardless of the result or outcome they are seeking to accomplish.

Using the EPC2 Coaching & Consulting process with your clients or employees will give you two powerful tools to help them make the progress they want and to position you as their go to solution when they need to get past what limits them, move onto getting things done and realizing the results, outcomes and success they desire.

What you'll get:

  • HD recorded video highlights from the live event

  • MP3 audio files of program highlight videos

  • Full transcripts of the program highlight videos